How I Became An Expert on Beauty

Smart Girl’s Ultimate Guide: Beauty Hacks – Saving Your Money Better, Smarter

An average American woman spends about $600,000 for cosmetics in her whole life. It is true that it takes a lot of your time, effort, and money just to keep yourself beautiful and admirable by men. Even if it is understood that it can eat a lot of your time, energy, and money, you keep doing it. At least 5-6 hours a day is spend to put on makeup, fix the hair, apply lotions here and there. Our goal in this piece is to give you the best weapons for you, to arm yourself and save you more time, money, and energy other than keeping yourself beautiful.

Makeup beauty hacks. You can use any eye shadow to create a smokey-eye look by creating a star sign on top of your eyelid then blend it. Using apple cider vinegar, you can get an instant way to naturally help your skin to bring it’s natural pH back. An apple cider vinegar is a good way to tone your skin naturally. A wonderful and cheap way to get a great eye shadow look is to apply white eyeliner first on the eyelids to prep it. It is best to use a translucent powder on your lipstick as this will create a long lasting result on the lips. To determine if the foundation you are planning to buy is good for your skin or not, check it by applying it directly to your neck first. It is wrong to match it with the color on your face. Outline your lips first before applying over the whole lips, for better bold look.

Glowing beauty hacks. You can help your skin glow brighter by taking in lots of fluid using the everpure filter. To get the best neutralizing effect of your skin, drinking healthy water that has been filtered using the everpure filter is a smart way to get healthy. You are assure that when you are drinking water using an everpure filter, your skin will glow accentuating the color. You can bring a container of water using an everpure filter to make sure that you are always hydrated every day. You can always expect to get great amounts of healthy water using the everpure filter wherever you want to go.

Hair beauty hacks. It is to get a thick hair overnight, just apply dry shampoo on your hair the night before and wake up the following day with thick hair. You can forget taking a bath for at least a day. You can get a more glowing hair if you will try to skip taking a bath every other day.

Skin beauty hacks. You can use empty lotion bottles and beauty tubes by cutting it in half and use all the lotion you can find. After the alcohol evaporates, the powder it left will look like brand new.