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Benefits of Learning Origami.

Origami is the art of paper folding to create complex designs and models. Regardless of their age, many people enjoy learning and making origami plants, animals and other designs. Origami challenges a wide range of skill levels thus making it a rare hobby for both children and adults. Learning origami has the benefit of developing motor skills. It can be used by people with hand injuries as a form of exercise and therapy. Paper folding helps people with hand injuries to develop strength and regain control of their hands. Small children benefit from enhanced eye – hand coordination and imagination by learning origami which develops their motor skills. Another benefit is that is simplifies mathematical concepts. Teaching and learning concepts like geometry, symmetry and measurement is made easy by origami. Finally, origami making helps develop patience. It is a repetitive process of folding paper that can be frustrating to an impatient person. People develop patience levels by learning origami

The lack of comprehensive easy to follow instructions is the biggest challenge to learning of origami. One of the most enjoyable ways of learning origami is watching someone do it as you follow. Problem with available instruction books is that they outline just the basic folds. The problem is that these books skip the sections on the actual origami designs themselves. Learning new origami models is made hard this lack of material.

One of the most popular origami designs is the traditional crane. A popular belief that your wishes will be granted if you make a thousand cranes makes the design popular. This makes it enjoyable for people to learn how to fold a traditional origami crane. People can learn how to design a traditional origami crane by visiting instructional websites. These instructional websites are effective for learning as they mostly have videos that one can follow. With just a click, you can learn more about origami making.

A single piece of paper is used to make most origami designs. The paper can be bought from a shop or made at home. Origami folding instructions may vary but there is a standard set of symbols. The symbols are explained by a key in the instructions. Instructions are useful in making one familiar with the basic folds that are useful in successfully completing an origami design It is recommended that you make your folds as exact and precise as possible.

Run your finger down the crease to make a crisp fold. Making accurate and precise folds ensure that you get the best finished design. It is advisable to work on a flat hard service to achieve accurate and precise folds for a better finished design.

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