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How Urgent Care Bills Their Patients?

Urgent care is the kind of walk-in clinic and is primarily used when your doctor doesn’t have time or it’s urgent to see a doctor and they doesn’t have any appointments for the said day. In this type of clinic, it helps in bridging the gap between the hospital’s emergency room and the clinic of your doctor. As a matter of fact, there are few things that urgent care can be very useful to your situation similar to cough that becomes worse, a cut that bleeds excessively but not requiring stitching, severe sore throat and a lot more. Basically, this can be anything in medical that isn’t considered to be life threatening.

Some who don’t have a family doctor are going to such clinic for doing their routine physicals for insurance, work or school. It is actually more affordable to go in this type of clinic instead of going straight to the emergency room but it is a little bit higher than going to your doctor. It is recommended to utilize urgent care if you don’t have the chance to see your doctor. This is why such medical care is also referred to by many as ambulatory car or immediate care.

There are several factors that do affect how these facilities are charging patients and these include the following:

Number 1. Location of the facility – let’s assume that the clinic is in a different location than the hospital or doctor’s clinic, then it’ll be the real estate market that will set the cost of its monthly rental fee. This can result to high bill for the urgent care to continue their service.

Number 2. Contracts that the clinic has with the staff – this means that there are urgent care facilities that you’ll find which depend on their on-staff physicians to attend patients while some largely depend on their nurse practitioners and physician assistants. If it’s a doctor, then they’ll command higher salary compared to others. In case that they also have registered nurses, the salary is higher in comparison to certified medical assistants.

Number 3. The equipment used by the urgent care facility – if the clinic is using top of the line equipment and latest medical devices for diagnosing and treating patients, then you can likely expect that the cost they charge to patients will be higher than other clinics that are using older systems. After all, they have not just invested in the equipment and devices, they also take care of the regular maintenance to ensure that the systems provide accurate results.

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