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Tips for Boat Fender Care

Boat fenders are meant to keep your boat safe from damage, but that does not mean the fender itself cannot be damaged. Your fender may become damaged due to improper care and practices. You always want to avoid the cost of having some part of your boat repaired if you can help it. The best way to get a boat fender repaired is to keep it from becoming damaged in the first place. By taking precautions and implementing wise fender usage, you can avoid any unnecessary damage. The following information will go over some simple ways you can keep your boat fender safe from disrepair.

First and foremost, you will want to be sure that the fender you get for your boat is the correct size. If you have the wrong size fender on your boat, you will almost certainly experience issues that result in harm done to your fender. You must be certain that the fender you have is the right size for your boat before you go about installing it. For every five feet of your boat’s length, it is recommended that you compare that you each single inch of diameter of the fender you want. If your current fender is the wrong size, you will likely want to switch it out.

Once you know the size is alright, you can take another easy step towards a safer fender, which is to get a cover for it. The cover will be able to keep your fender clear of dirt and debris, meaning less wear and tear over time. In addition to this, tar and dirt might stain your fenders, which may then accidentally be rubbed off on another boat. Furthermore, the UV rays from the sun will cause damage to the rubber material of your fender over time. Fender covers will prevent so much damage in the long run that they will save you tons on repair costs.

You will also need to have safe fender practices when it comes to docking your boat. If your intention is to dock on a flat face pier, it is in your best interest to hang vertical fenders. However, if you are going to dock on a pier with pilings, you should use horizontal fender placement for maximum protection. For this orientation, you can also add in a fender board for some added protection.

The care of your boat should always be of utmost importance to you. To that end, you will be well served to take good care of that which keeps your boat safe. Using proper technique and forethought, you will save yourself tons in repair costs. By using the tips above, you will have an easy path towards safe and proper fender care.

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